Award Winning Sa.de01 Lamp

Sarah Dehandschutter Shows The Sa.de01 Lamp

Sarah Dehandschutter, the lead designer of the award winning work sa.de01 - lamp by Sarah Dehandschutter explains, Sarah Dehandschutter creates organic forms that could have hardly been designed on paper, as they result directly from the properties of the material. Cloth streched over a curved rod results in a natural and elegant chalice form. Because of its assymetric form it appears differently from every point of view, suggesting on-going movement. The chalice is reproduced in a mould, in reinforced gypsum. The light is reflected off the opaque white inner surface creating a titillating chiaroscuro, accentuating the very fluent form. The lamp is suspended by a metal bar that keeps the form in balance.

Award Winning Sa.de01 Lamp Images:


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