Residential House by Marcio Kogan & Studiomk27

Marcio Kogan & Studiomk27 Spotlights The P House Residential House

Marcio Kogan & studiomk27, the author of the displayed design Residential House:P house by Marcio Kogan & studiomk27 points out, The P house is a puzzle game. Rotating three volumes around one nucleus generated not only a particular spatial <Cropped>

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Tulpi-Bin by Marco Manders

Marco Manders Portrays The Tulpi-Bin Waste Bin

Marco Manders , the lead designer of the displayed project Marco Manders 's Tulpi-bin Waste bin explicates, Tulpi-bin is the newest addition to the Tulpi product line. A public waste bin, constructed from a solid round steel post and a welded co <Cropped>

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Armchair:yori by Ronald Sasson

Ronald Sasson Discloses The Yori Armchair

Ronald Sasson, the architect of the award winning project Ronald Sasson's Yori Armchair explains, This is a project that has very close relation with the characteristics of the Japanese design, are fine, delicate edges that express the value of <Cropped>

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Parking Lot and Entrance National Museum by Marcel Eekhout and Paul De Kort

Marcel Eekhout and Paul De Kort Shows The Invisible Parking Fortification Vechten Parking Lot and Entrance National Museum

Marcel Eekhout and Paul de Kort, the lead designer of the highlighted project Invisible parking fortification Vechten by Marcel Eekhout and Paul de Kort explains, This is the entrance to the new national museum of the Dutch Waterline in fortification <Cropped>

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Award Winning Three Legged Chair

Ricardo Graham Ferreira Presents The Three Legged Chair

Ricardo Graham Ferreira, the author of the award winning design Award Winning Three Legged chair explains, The Three Legged Chair is a handcrafted instrument, designed to rest and to decorate. Within its genes is the essence of woodworking. The shap <Cropped>

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Show Room:origami Ark by Tetsuya Matsumoto

Tetsuya Matsumoto Spotlights The Origami Ark Show Room

Tetsuya Matsumoto, the author of the award winning work Award Winning Origami Ark Show room points out, Origami Ark or Sun Show Leather Pavilion is a showroom for Sansho leather manufacture in Himeji, Japan. The challenge was to create a space capab <Cropped>

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Bracelets:cypris Collection by Brazil & Murgel Contemporary Jewelry

Brazil & Murgel Contemporary Jewelry Spotlights The Cypris Collection Bracelets

Brazil & Murgel Contemporary Jewelry, the designer of the award winning design Cypris Collection by Brazil & Murgel Contemporary Jewelry spells out, The versatility of Cypris bracelet collection enables the user to create many compositions by <Cropped>

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Card Box by Ana Lisa Luças

Ana Lisa Luças Illustrates The La Gondola Bio Card Box

Ana Lisa Luças, the thinktank behind the displayed work La Gondola bio by Ana Lisa Luças explicates, We wanted to get a modern, ecofriendly and environment concern look just by look. Resulted in a 2 coulor packaging, reducing costs and ink wastes. <Cropped>

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Paper Dna M2 Reader by Nikolaus Frank

Nikolaus Frank Shows The Paper Dna M2 Reader Medical Fraud Detector

Nikolaus Frank, the author of the awarded project Nikolaus Frank's Paper DNA M2 Reader Medical fraud detector explains, The PaperDNA M2 reader is an authentication solution to prevent counterfeit in pharmaceutical products, which is an increasin <Cropped>

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Logo and Vi by Acclaimed Designer

Acclaimed Designer Presents The Jianchangbang Logo and Vi

The project leader of the highlighted project Acclaimed Designer's Jianchangbang Logo and VI illustrates, Jianchangbang, with the name originating from the general term for the local group from Jiangxi Nancheng (anciently called ‘Jianchang’) <Cropped>

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