Salt and Pepper Dispenser:pincher by Sahar Madanat Design Studio

Sahar Madanat Design Studio Creates The Pincher Salt and Pepper Dispenser

Sahar Madanat Design Studio, the author of the award winning work Pincher by Sahar Madanat Design Studio says, More often than not, salt and pepper are used together but have a separate dispenser for each. Pincher combines both in a smaller, one hand <Cropped>

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The Fourth Long Quan%u201clong Yun Cup%u201dinternational Bamboo and Wood Products Innovation Competition

Using Raw Bamboo, Thin Bamboo, Bamboo Glued Wood, Bamboo Fiber and All Kinds of Wood, or Bamboo/Wood as The Main Combination of Other Materials For Product Innovation Design.the Type of Products Including Household Life, Office and Leisure, Health and E

Using raw bamboo, thin bamboo, bamboo glued wood, bamboo fiber and all kinds of wood, or bamboo / wood as the main combination of other materials for product innovation design.the type of products including household life, office and leisure, health <Cropped>

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Granada by Katty Kaitazoff

Katty Kaitazoff Presents The Granada Chair

Katty Kaitazoff, the creator of the awarded work Katty Kaitazoff's Granada Chair says, Geometry lines and well demarcated in a structure of carbon steel are the great highlight of this project. The design of the Granada chair, along with the amo <Cropped>

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Peter Stasek & Peter Donders's Bar Du Seine Champagne Bar

Peter Stasek & Peter Donders Creates The Bar Du Seine Champagne Bar

Peter Stasek & Peter Donders, the designer of the displayed project Peter Stasek & Peter Donders's Bar du Seine Champagne Bar says, The Champagne glasses move together and melt into one seamless entity just like people’s souls after Ch <Cropped>

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Yu Li and Bowen Qian's Ji Mu Chair

Yu Li and Bowen Qian Discloses The Ji Mu Chair

Yu Li and Bowen Qian, the maker of the displayed design Ji Mu - Chair by Yu Li and Bowen Qian illustrates, With certain numbers of these simple but magical parts, chair, small tea table, bench and even wine rack would be easily assembled and put in <Cropped>

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Apartment House by Chi Feng Lin

Chi Feng Lin Designs The Light Mosaic Apartment House

Chi Feng Lin, the author of the award winning design Light Mosaic by Chi Feng Lin says, The project uses the warmth of light grayness as the stable support of the ceiling and the floor. The intersecting lines define the functionality and aesthetic vi <Cropped>

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Led Parasol by Mr. Terry Chow and Excellent-Group Team

Mr. Terry Chow and Excellent-Group Team Demonstrates The Ni Led Parasol

Mr. Terry Chow and Excellent-Group team, the thinktank behind the awarded project Mr. Terry Chow and Excellent-Group team's NI LED Parasol demonstrates, The brand new NI Parasol redefines lighting in a way that it can be more than a luminous o <Cropped>

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Label and Packaging:nordic Bravery by Oleksandr Pogrebniak

Oleksandr Pogrebniak Illustrates The Nordic Bravery Label and Packaging

Oleksandr Pogrebniak, the thinktank behind the highlighted design Label and Packaging by Oleksandr Pogrebniak spells out, In this design three elements go together well: harsh beauty of Scandinavia, courageous viking and sparkling beer. The central p <Cropped>

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User Interface Competition

New Ux Design Contest On Pharmathek and Desall Invite You to Rethink The Graphic Interface and The User Experience of The Application Dedicated to Their Warehouse Systems.user Interface Competition New Ux Design Contest On Pharmat

New ux design contest on pharmathek and desall invite you to rethink the graphic interface and the user experience of the application dedicated to their warehouse systems.User interface competition new ux design contest on ph <Cropped>

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Ring:azadi Tower by Somayeh Kianpour

Somayeh Kianpour Creates The Azadi Tower Ring

Somayeh Kianpour, the author of the awarded work Azadi Tower - Ring by Somayeh Kianpour explains, The Wearable Architecture collection is very attractive, inspired by Persian architecture. The interaction would be different while audience exited and <Cropped>

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