Loft by Diego Revollo

Diego Revollo Exhibits The Vila Leopoldina Loft Loft

Diego Revollo, the designer of the displayed work Diego Revollo's Vila Leopoldina Loft Loft explains, Located in Vila Leopoldina - SP, this loft belongs to a musician and actor. The main idea was to keep the concept of loft: an integrated open <Cropped>

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Gravity-Swing Sofa by Maria Neus Alos

Maria Neus Alos Illustrates The Gravity Swing Sofa

Maria Neus Alos, the creative mind behind the displayed design Swing sofa by Maria Neus Alos says, Gravity (designed by Technical Emotions) is a swing-sofa for outdoor furnishing, garden and patio. Gravity is a scenographic furniture made in stainles <Cropped>

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Rahul Mistri's Clinique Ii Dental Clinic

Rahul Mistri Shares The Clinique Ii Dental Clinic

Rahul Mistri, the creative mind behind the awarded work Award Winning Clinique ii Dental Clinic demonstrates, Clinique ii is a private orthodontic clinic for an opinion leader and luminary who is applying and researching most advanced techniques and <Cropped>

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Tomomi Nakamura's Rihei Ginger Japanese Craft Shochu

Tomomi Nakamura Reveals The Rihei Ginger Japanese Craft Shochu

Tomomi Nakamura, the creative mind behind the displayed project RIHEI GINGER by Tomomi Nakamura points out, Under the concept of Japanese traditional aesthetic sense, “Wabi-Sabi” , sophisticated clear bottle was cut out its elements to the utmost <Cropped>

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Uooyaa Office-Office by Alex Xie

Alex Xie Shares The Uooyaa Office Office

Alex Xie, the maker of the awarded project Alex Xie's Uooyaa Office Office illustrates, UOOYAA is a rising fashion brand of ladies apparels. The brand itself is a gift from the founding designer to his daughter, to inspire her, and every girl, t <Cropped>

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Karin Castens's Two Forever Jewellery

Karin Castens Demonstrates The Two Forever Jewellery

Karin Castens, the thinktank behind the displayed project Two Forever by Karin Castens explains, Two Forever is a Danish wedding set: Unlike most such sets, the two rings interlink like a hook and a loop, preventing them from moving autonomously. The <Cropped>

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Artwork by Huayu Li

Huayu Li Reveals The Flower of Life Artwork

Huayu Li, the creator of the displayed work Flower of life by Huayu Li says, It is hand-made, representing its uniqueness. It is a transparent world, completely sealed. It appears dreamlike, three-dimensional, and floating. Furthermore, it shows peop <Cropped>

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Jiaxing City Logo System Design Competition 2020

Logo System For Jiaxing City! Total Prize Is Up to ¥120, 000a City Must Have Its Own Characteristics, Its Own Culture, Its Own Features, and Its Own Brands ... These Comprehensive Manifestations Are to Be Reflected Through a Personalized Logo. This Is Wha

Logo system for jiaxing city! total prize is up to ¥120,000A city must have its own characteristics, its own culture, its own features, and its own brands ... these comprehensive manifestations are to be reflected through a personalized logo. this i <Cropped>

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Packaging by Tridimage

Tridimage Discloses The Minka Chocolate Packaging

tridimage, the designer of the award winning work Minka Chocolate - Packaging by tridimage explicates, The design embodies the sensations chocolate awakes in every fan of this product. The brown background conveys the cocoa intensity while the colour <Cropped>

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Award Winning Avandad Apartment Residence

Aryan Ron and Arman Ron Illustrates The Avandad Apartment Residence

Aryan Ron and Arman Ron, the lead designer of the award winning design Residence by Aryan Ron and Arman Ron illustrates, What was important for the employer was the use of luxuries in modern form and the definition that may be broadly defined in toda <Cropped>

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